About me

My name is Margot, I am a Southampton-based fine art printmaker, working from my studio at home in what was my children’s playroom. I work on a hawthorn press which gives me the flexibility to work with both intaglio and relief printmaking.

My inspiration comes from the colour and pattern found in the natural world.

Images for my prints are from watercolour sketches and photographs taken in my garden, walks with my dog Hector or snorkelling.

margot eardley fine art printmaker


All my prints are hand printed and each piece is an original artwork created by me.

I make mostly Lino and Etching prints, depending on the image I am creating.

Each of my prints are part of a limited edition, every print has its own number within the edition.

All my prints come mounted and wrapped in cellophane for protection. I don’t always print an edition in one go, so occasionally I will need to print to order. This usually takes about a week.

Due to the hand-made nature of my work, the numbers in a print edition may vary slightly in colouring.

Etching Printing

Etching prints lend themselves to more intricate liner detail and texture. My Etchings are either Aluminium or Zinc aquatint.

Etching plates are made by stopping out then dipping the plate into a copper sulphate bath to eat away the image to be printed. After many hours of etching and stopping out the plate is ready to be inked.

I push the oil based ink into the plate with scrunched up balls of fabric called scrim. For small areas of colour I use my finger covered with scrim, “a le poupee”.

The paper needs to be soaked before use so it is soft enough to push into the tiny ink filled spaces on the plate.

I pass the inked plate and paper though my press to produce the image.

These prints need to be pressed between tissue and glass to dry. This usually takes about a week. 

Lino Printing

My Lino prints are full of bright dense colour.

They tend to be either reduction images which means cutting away the lino block after each colour is printed. (This is also know as suicide printing as there is no return once the lino is cut!) I find this often concentrates one’s mind.

I also like multi- block lino prints as these produce many beautiful colours where the blocks of colours overlap. I make my lino blocks by cutting away lino with special tools, working in reverse to the final image.

Lino is a relief printmaking method. I apply the oil based ink with a roller onto the lino block and press the image onto the paper with my Hawthorn press.

Finally the prints are hung up to dry.



Committee Member Cowprint Printmakers Group

Member Omega Printmakers Group

Royal Cambrian Academy Annual Open
Conwy Wales

Art in Mind Brick Lane Gallery London

Into The Wild Chalk’s Gallery Lymington

St Barbs Annual Open St Barbs Gallery Lymington

Cutting a Fine Line Gods House Tower Southampton

Winchester Print Fair Winchester

Transformations Exhibition RSD Bankside Gallery London


Royal Cambrian Academy Annual Open
Conwy Wales

St Barbs Open
(Highly Commended)
St Barbs Museum & Gallery Lymington

Red Hot Press Printmakers 2021
Hilliers Gardens Gallery
Romsey Hampshire

Derby Print Open
Virtual Exhibition

Allen Gallery Open
Alton Hampshire

Mayflower 400 Print Exchange
Gods House Tower Gallery, Southampton

Three Print Makers
Artisans Now! Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester


Mayflower 400 Inky Hands Gallery
Massachusetts, USA

Beyond Four Walls by Artisans Now
Oxmarket Gallery Chichester.

20:20 International Print Exchange
Red Hot Press, Southampton.

Beside the Sea
Chalks Gallery Lymington

St Barbs Open (Highly Commended)
St Barbs Museum & Gallery Lymington

Journey, Migration & the Sea
Southampton Art Gallery, Open exhibition.

Print Diploma Exhibition
Red Hot Press

Chalks Gallery Lymington


Hampshire Open Studios
The Nutshell Gallery Winchester

Smoked Uncut
Limewood Hotel New Forest Hampshire – Shop Creative

International Print Exchange
Green Door Studios, Derby

Red Hot Press Printmakers 2019
Hilliers Gardens Gallery, Romsey, Hampshire.

Colbury Art & Craft Fair
Ashurst, New Forest


20:20 international Print Exchange
Red Hot Press, Southampton.

Mottisfont Abbey Open
National Trust Romsey, Hampshire

Print Foundation Exhibition
Red Hot Press, Southampton

Colbury Art & Craft Fair -Ashurst Hampshire



2019 Opened my own Printmaking Studio

2019 Diploma in Fine Art Printmaking – Red Hot Press, Southampton

2018 Membership of Cowprint Printmakers Group

2018 Foundation in Fine Art Printmaking – Red Hot Press Southampton

1986 – 2017 Window dresser / Visual Merchandiser

1985 Margot Eardley Designs – Designed made & exported exclusive jumpers to the Dutch market

1983 Diploma Fashion & design

1982 Fine Art Foundation – Southampton School of Art